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Reed diffusers - 6 oz - Non-Toxic - Long Lasting

Reed diffusers - 6 oz - Non-Toxic - Long Lasting

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6 oz reed diffuser that lasts 2-3+ months! Just flip the reeds when the scent starts getting light- please read warning on back of diffuser.

Why choose our reed diffusers?

1. Non-Toxic - Many states have restrictions on the VOC percentage of reed diffusers. VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds are compounds that are harmful and create indoor air quality problems. Our reed diffuser base is NON-TOXIC, and VOC compliant in all 50 states, so you can be confident that your reed diffusers meet indoor air quality regulations. This product does not contain DPG.

2. Scent - Our reed diffuser fragrances quickly and easily flow up the reeds, allowing the fragrance to reach its strongest potential. We use only the finest high quality fragrance & essential oils

3. hand mixed and poured with love!

Gently Shake Bottle
Twist off cap, pull out plug, replace white cap and insert reeds into bottle.
Allow oils to work their way up the reeds (about two hours)
Enjoy beautiful scents with no flame
Flip reeds weekly for a stronger scent profile

Do not ingest oil, wash hands thoroughly after handling. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not place in direct sunlight. Oil may stain surfaces. Keep away from flames.

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